Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Summer Vacation Art Giveaway

We're taking a brief break from our usual blog topics to ask our Readers about their Summer Vacation/Travel Plans in this installment of the Free Art Blog.  We'll discuss the 'Free Art' part in a moment, but first...



The Art of Travel.  

Vintage travel posters continue to be amongst some of the most sought after works of Art on the planet. 
Many enjoy reflecting on the Golden Age of Pleasure Travel.  New modes of transportation created during the late 19th and early 20th centuries made travel to faraway lands easy to do...and many did.  They boarded planes, ocean liners, trains, took to their cars, and explored worlds newly opened to them.  Artists were commissioned to entice visitors with their paintings reflecting the beauty of their countries.

Collectors frequently visit the Vintage Travel Art section of our shop, 
especially to collect the postcard-sized prints we carry.  
Postcards are a very affordable way for collectors to 
acquire a large selection of these vintage pieces.  

Consider browsing our shop to start your own collection. 
We also share proceeds from our art sales with local poverty charities, 
so buying Art would help those in need as well 
(details of our mission are at 

Now... what would the Free Art Blog be without 'Free Art'?

(It would just be called 'Blog'...which isn't very good :)

This Giveaway won't have just 1 winner.
Not even 2 winners.

This Giveaway will have 

2 Winners will receive
Vintage Travel Art Gift Sets.

(retail value $22)

Each set includes:

1 Travel Journal
4 Vintage Travel Poster ACEO cards
4 Travel Poster Magnets
Vintage international stamps


4 Winners will receive a Set of
 Mini Travel Poster Magnets 

Each set includes 4 Mini Vintage
Travel Art Poster magnets.


2 Winners will receive 2 of their favorite  
Vintage Travel Art Postcard Prints 
from our art shop to start their collection.


And the final 2 Winners will receive 
Mini Collectible Tins with Vintage Travel Art



So how can you enter this Giveaway?

Use the Rafflecopter widget at the end of the blog post.
There are several ways to enter, but these 3 ways are required:

1)Subscribe to Love Art House on Facebook.

2) Visit our Art Store on Zazzle, and 'Like' the shop,
 located in the upper-left corner of the store's pages
(This is our Fan Club.  You will be the first to find out about sales,
and new art added to the shop). 

3) In the Comments below, briefly tell us about your Summer Vacation/Travel plans.
If you're planning a Staycation (staying home) instead this summer,
tell us about any cool events or activities going on in your city this summer.

(see the widget for more ways to earn extra entries)

You can enter this Giveaway until July 21st.
Winners will be announced on our Facebook page on July 22nd.  

As always, thank you so much for stopping by.  We hope you enjoyed today's blog, and best of luck to all who enter this Giveaway.  Thanks as well to those who participated in our previous giveaway.

Best Wishes!

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  1. I'll be attending this on my stay-cation. The Hale'iwa Arts Festival non-profit organization will present its Fifteenth Annual Summer ArtFest July 21-22, 2012 at the Hale'iwa Beach Park in Historic Hale'iwa Town, on Oahu's beautiful North Shore.


  3. It is a staycation year for us but we will visit east Tennessee to see family and check out the great zoo in Knoxville.


  5. No where special this year. Last year I was in Switzerland. I was collecting all the vintage looking postcards I could.

  6. I would love to win this prize.

  7. Stay-cation for me! I'll be going to local art shows to try and promote some art pieces, goody goody.
    -Mona Zavala

  8. we are going to Kansas city Mo! val

  9. Taking my daughter to the zoo
    tammyhoffa at gmail dot com

  10. Already did a short hop to Sedona/Flagstaff, hoping to find someone in the NW to take me for a long weekend :) Portland, hopefully!

  11. just hanging out by the pool this summer :-)

  12. We're not going on vacation this summer, just staying home, going to the library, gardening, and going swimming at a lake nearby. Thanks!

  13. I love this one for London:
    I've always wanted to visit and this is such a classic scene.

  14. I love to visit San Francisco. There are so many interesting things to do there and the landscapre is beautiful.

  15. We are relaxing. This past April we took an early summer vacation to Disneyworld where we celebrated my twins' 4th birthday!

  16. Getting ready to go on a camping trip up in the UP of Michigan and into Wisconsin and Minnesota.

  17. I picked
    I love it because it reminds me of out west and I hope to go and visit one day to go to the national parks.

  18. I live in the Czech Republic each summer and then travel Europe. On this year's list to visit is northern Sardinia, Bulgaria, Romania, and Germany.

  19. fave:
    I Love Enlgand!

  20. Camping on Bear Island!

    Jessica Rose
    ijessica_r at yahoo dot com

  21. Like this one!

    Jessica Rose
    ijessica_r at yahoo dot com

  22. We are staying close to home this summer but still trying to have fun when we get the money we try to take the kids on a day or two trip to a waterpark.

  23. we are staying close to home this summer but when we have the money we try to take the kids on a day or two day trip to waterpark. I hope this don't show up twice i think i messed up


    I have a 12 year old son who loves to look at something and try and draw it I like this one it is very beautiful and would love to see if he could do something like it.

  25. I have been doing alot of swimming and fishing. Going to wyoming in a few weeks.
    Damian Jarreau

  26. Staying home this summer. Too expensive to travel :o(

    I love to go to Texas, great food & great shopping!!

  27. We're heading to Disney World at the end of the summer.

  28. We are going to take the grand kids to the zoo.

  29. We are going to be traveling to Michigan Adventures

  30. we just got back from new mexico

    madamerkf at aol dot com


    I love this NY poster because it really makes me think o fa NY gone by!

  32. We are staying close to home this year. but, we have alot of music festivals and fairs we plan on going too soon.

  33. back to the uk to visit my family


    I miss the UK.

  35. im sticking around close to home and hitting up the beach.
    amanda whitley
    achadwick22 at yahoo dot com


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